Dance with Biwa...Gion Shoja・Haru no kyoku

I performed in Japanese classical and modern literary works with the beautiful sound of Biwa (Japanese lute) .


【Gion Shoja (the Jetavana monastery)】(the opening lines of "The tale of the Heike", a war chronicle, 13-14th century)

【Haru no Kyoku (Spring Music)】 (from "Wakana-shu", the first collection of poetry of Toson Shimazaki, 1897)


music : Rieko Fujitaka

stage lighting & video shooting : Kohei Ohyama 

dance & production : Maki Matsunaga


"The tale of the Heike" is one of the representative works of Japanese classical literature describing the prosperity and the fall of the Taira clan in the late 12th century. 

Like people in those days, we live in the ephemeral world where everyday life may suddenly collapse.

I performed my empathy with the story's theme, transience of all things.


"Haru no Kyoku" by Toson Shimazaki, renowned Japanese romantic poet and novelist (1872-1943), depicts the pleasure of spring.

Spring will come to the transient world and the seasons will rotate.

Thinking of that, I danced with prayer and hope for the future.


Please enjoy the profound music and two original improvised dance performances with different tastes.


[Subsidized project to promote art/culture remote activities in Sagamihara City 2021]